Michaela’s Idea for individual project

michaela is going to talk about the DSM 5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and how society has influenced the mental illnesses in the DSM over the years. In previous years the DSM has considered particular behaviours as mental illnesses whereas these have now been influenced by society and changed in terms of the DSM.

Marta Rico


One thought on “Michaela’s Idea for individual project

  1. Michaela’s project proposal is very interesting. I think it will make for a very successful paper that raises a lot of questions and discussion. The media plays a large role in the medical field, and more recently specifically in mental disorders. There is a fine line between what is considered to be a mental disorder and what is not. The media influences this by filtering the information they gather from government sources and relaying them to the public. It is difficult to perceive what information is correct or exaggerated, and it will be interesting to see what Michaela will analyze regarding this topic.

    -Kat Huber


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