Tobacco and Society

For Michaela, Marta, Natalie, and Carmela’s final paper, we are going to be expanding on the topics that Marta and Carmela wrote their individual papers on. Marta wrote about different types of cigarette ads, and how they differed in different countries and time periods. She touched on the sexism that was present in a lot of the messages that were sent in those advertisements. Carmela discussed which was more effective advertising on cigarette boxes, words or pictures?

We are going to take these topics and expand on them for our final paper. In addition to these issues, we are also going to be discussing differences in smoking tendencies in a variety of different countries, smoking advertisements on TV, smoking laws, cigarette costs, and the impact that smoking and smoking ads have on society.

Although smoking is a frequently discussed topic, we are going to discuss more than just why or why not someone should do it, but instead let the facts speak for themselves. Tobacco companies have a huge influence on society, even for those who are not smokers, and we are going to explain why.


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