Anti-Centric Presentation

(Elena, Catherine, Rachel, and Ellie) For our final project, Anti Centric chose the subject of sexism against women in advertising. We analyzed many different kinds of ads and gender roles found in ads, focusing on ads that oversexualized and objectified women and ads that treated women as the weaker gender who are not capable to the same successes as men. We chose these two types of ads because they are very common and are two of the most damaging types of ads. Oversexualizing women in advertisements is objectifying, unnecessary, and creates impossible standards for  women and girls worldwide. Ads like the Hunky Dory’s chips ad and the Burger King ad use sex to sell their products rather than something actually relevant to their product, and this causes many problems in the vast gender divide and contributes to the massive amounts of sexism found in the ad industry. Ads like the BIC Pen ad and the My Calvins ad, which compared women to men and implied that women were less successful, are destructive to the forward progress of women in the workforce and in general. By insinuating that men are inherently more successful than women, these ads teach that women can only seduce, look pretty, act ladylike, etc. We focused on these ads in our presentation and our paper because we think that they are important for others to see, as they are so common they might not catch the attention of many people as sexist and demeaning. We also talked about a main cause of sexism in advertising, the lack of women in the industry, and included some questions for discussion for the class since the best way to solve issues like this is through discussion and shared ideas. Based on the feedback from our presentation, we will talk more about sexism and social changes in our paper– how the ads affect society.


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