Gender Roles

The Incredibles

We decided to choose gender as one of the main themes because it is a common theme which Disney addresses, and strongly connected to achieving gender equality for women in our society today. As in our previous post we will provide some examples of gender:

Aladdin-In the movie there is a seemingly a favorable attitude that puts women on a pedestal but sometimes conveys an assumption the women need men’s protection.

The Little mermaid-The character of Ariel is shown to do anything to be with the prince. She is mostly objectified in the movie,in the way she dresses  and how she always need help from men around her.

The Beauty and the Beast- The theme of gender role in the beauty and the beast is one of the main themes which arises in the story. Gaston says that it is not right for women to read. Compared to other Disney princesses, Belle is very self-sufficient. Even though she is the most beautiful girl in the village , according  to townspeople, people think she is very odd, because she does not feel like she belongs to the society.

Pocahontas-Although the main character, Pocahontas is strongly sexualized through her clothes. Furthermore she is to take the place of her mother when the mother’s necklaces is bestowed upon her father. Her role as a fertile woman and mother is placed on her by her father.

Lilo and Stitch-While most characters fit within traditional gender roles, Pleakley, one of the aliens sent to Earth to retrieve Stitch, is outside the “norm”. While addressed with the traditionally male pronouns “he” and “him”, he dresses as a female traditionally would.

Frozen-In this movie, Disney rejects the “happily ever after” heterosexual romance in this movie, Elsa is seen as a powerful and independent woman who learns to love her power instead of concealing it. Anna is a strong woman, role model who is independent, adventurous, and brave.


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