The Incredibles

We have decided to discuss diversity in Disney films because it is a prevelent topic in todays society. Disney also focusses on these topics as one of their main ideas in order to construct their films. Disney’s films are widespread and are mainly aimed at a younger audience, therefor these effects are more likely to impact the children’s views on race and diversity. Below we will provide a list of our research:

  • Aladdin – This film is an inaccurate portrayal of the Middle Eastern culture as seen by the entire setting. The film was supposed to be representative of Persia, therefore making the stereotypes in the film inaccurate.
  • The Little Mermaid – In the movie we don’t see that much of diversity within the mermaids in the movie, however in the series we see more diverse characters. Sebastian the crab, has a Jamaican accent and  he is portrayed in the movie as carefree and an energetic character.
  • Beauty and the Beast – The story takes place in France. People in town are french because throughout the song they sing in French. The name Belle, translated from French, means beauty. Also, Lumiere, the candleholder, is French. He also mentions it in the song “Be our guest”: “After all, Miss, this is France/And a dinner here is never second best….
  • Pocahontas – This movie focusses on the Native American tribal culture and the discovery of America. The  portrayal of the Americans is inaccurate as seen by the main charter Pocahontas. Some of the inaccuracies include, her way of dressing, and her ties to nature as magic instead of religion.
  • Lilo and Stich – In this movie, Nani takes on the role of mother, and caretaker of Lilo. Further more she works at a resort in which she functions as a waitress. It is assumed by their living conditions that she does not make a lot of money but she is happy none the less .
  • Frozen-In the movie there is lack of diversity. Frozen has four main human characters and out of the four:
    – Four are white
    – Four are all apparently straight
    – Three are blonde



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